Suzuki Group Lessons are offered to develop playing techniques, musical memory and musical sensitivity. Lessons on musical literacy and ensemble are introduced to prepare the student to join the orchestral programs of the Academy. 


A. Beginner & Intermediate Violin (Suzuki Method-based) for 17 years old and below (6 LESSONS)
B. Beginner's Cello Class for 18 years old and below (6 LESSONS)
C. Adult Beginners and Intermediate Violin Class for 18 years old and above (4 LESSONS)  

Group Lessons are held every Saturday. Start of class is pre-determined by MSOMA Management. 

Steps to Enroll in Group Lessons:

1.Online Registration
      ○ Sign up for your preferred music lesson package via our online registration form.

2. Settle Enrollment Fee and Send Proof of Payment to
3. The Studio Manager will send a confirmation email and further instructions.